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the woman behind Céline's art biscuits compagny

My name is Celine, raised by my mom who is a gourmet cordon blue.  My first steps in baking, from the age of 6, I got alongside her. But also, along with my grandmothers and my great-grandmother who gave me their secrets, tricks and recipes with so much love and humility for baking. All those happy moments and all that knowledge have never left me. A graduate of a hospitality school,  I chose to take positions in accommodation rather than cooking.
I quickly chose to work for 8 years in PARIS, to practice my profession, but also to be able to follow sculpture classes at night school in Fine Arts. Fabulous meetings  guided me to a new profession: that of interior architect, and after having gone back to school  I was very lucky to join the team of one of the greatest architects and interior decorators  in PARIS that provided me additional knowledge of art.
 I follow fashions and trends across the world of indoor and outdoor decoration, the arts of the table, the art of hospitality and reception, and of course one that concerns me the most, culinary art. It fascinates me still and allows me to use this knowledge for the realization of my biscuits.

My husband and I left PARIS in 1996 and for nearly four years have created a restaurant where I now serve my French, Italian and also American pasteries that I make by myself.
With another of my passions, that of travel, I found all kinds of pastries unknown in France. When traveling in the USA and United Kingdom, the discovery of decorations on BISCUITS was immediately love at first sight! Or a lightning strike I could say.  In England, especially in LONDON, I chose to go  learn and soak up all the necessary techniques for my new profession to be a

"Cookie" designer...........that's what I am today.

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